Classical MileEnd Rococo - UKBAS30857

Ear Tag : CMEBASUK531
Microchip : 958000010157104
Registration Type : R Registered
Breeder : Mr C Brooke & Mrs R Hebditch
Owner : Mr & Mrs Mark & Sue Steele
Sex : M
Birth No : 1
Date of Birth : 30/07/2014
Status : Alive
Style : Huacaya
Colour : Solid Light Brown
Sire : UKBAS15143 - LMFI & TNT Peruvian Ntherough of CME (Imp) (CMEBASUK275)
Dam : UKBAS14573 - Classical MileEnd Rhea (CMEBASUKCM235)
Description : Old Chip: 958000010157779
Date Birth Notified : 02/02/2015
Date Registered : 24/05/2017

--Parents-- --Grand Parents-- --Great Grand Parents-- --Great Great Grand Parents--
ped1USA/R174341 - Peruvian Dakotia (USA) [Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped1USA/R819329 - MFI Peruvian Jericho (USA) [Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped2USA/R155926 - NWA Ltd Jean (USA) [Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped1USA/R847847 - Majestic Peruvian Jeremiah [Beige] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped1USA/R800675 - 5Peruvian Inca's Ranson 9049 (USA) [Beige] Huacaya
ped3ped2USA/R818252 - 1362 Peruvian Honeybelle (USA) [Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped2USA/R800486 - 5Peruvian Genevieve 8389 (USA) [White] Huacaya
Sire : UKBAS15143 - LMFI & TNT Peruvian Ntherough of CME (Imp) (CMEBASUK275) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped1USA/R139282 - Ppperuvian Augusto 6009 (USA) [White] Huacaya
ped3ped1USA/R812738 - MFI Peruvian Donovan (USA) [Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped2USA/R800574 - 5Peruvian Durazna 8553 (USA) [Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped2USA/R849191 - My Peruvian Neala (USA) [Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped1PER.M - Peruvian Male
ped2USA/R806220 - Cperuvian Nadya 1032 IMPF98 [Beige] Huacaya
ped2PER.F - Peruvian Female
ped1USA/123063 - Pperuvian Vengador (USA) (G4568) Huacaya
ped1CAN/15893 - DLA Pastoro (Can.) Huacaya
ped3ped2CAN/13022 - Pperuvian Puka Pollera (Can) (B4361) [Solid Fawn] Huacaya
ped1UKBCL15085 - Dovecote Jaquinto of AUK (Imp) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped1CAN/19383 - Peruvian Alianza Del Monte 52 (Can) [Solid Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped2CAN/21787 - Okanagan's Jolene (Can) (46K) Huacaya
ped3ped2CAN/18896 - Oacl Jo-Jo 0046 (Can) [Solid Fawn] Huacaya
Dam : UKBAS14573 - Classical MileEnd Rhea (CMEBASUKCM235) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped1IAR/12505 - Purrumbete Brigantine (Aust.) [White] Huacaya
ped3ped1UKBAS02825 - Benleigh Talisman of CME (Imp) (CMEBASUKCM105) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped2IAR/28484 - Benleigh Estella (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped2UKBAS06142 - Classical Athena (LTABASUKC208) [Solid Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped1IAR/12505 - Purrumbete Brigantine (Aust.) [White] Huacaya
ped2UKLTABAS00015 - Bellarine of Classical (Imp) (LTABASUK00015) [Solid Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped2IAR/16938 - Coolaroo Miss Moritz (aust.) [Dark Fawn] Huacaya

Reg No Name Sex Date of Birth Owner Status
UKBAS38257Patou Florence (PATBASUK155) Solid Mid Brown HuacayaF20/08/2020PATAlive
UKBAS38256Patou Imogen (PATBASUK154) Solid White HuacayaF13/08/2020PATAlive
UKBAS38450Amber Valley Nutmeg (AMVBASUK163) Light Fawn HuacayaF01/08/2020LYCAlive
UKBAS38599Picachu Chiquita (PCUBASUK02) Light Brown HuacayaF29/07/2020PCUAlive
NONBAS3651Chasca Golden Nugget (CHCBASUK003) Light Fawn HuacayaM21/07/2020CHCAlive
UKBAS38254Patou Persephone (PATBASUK152) Solid Mid Brown HuacayaF07/07/2020PATAlive
UKBAS38420Oak View Phoebe (OVABASUK127) Solid Bay Black HuacayaF06/07/2020OVAAlive
UKBAS38802Fangdale Toffee (FDABASUK48) Solid Mid Brown HuacayaF03/07/2020FDAAlive
BNBAS13984Dargan Brazil (DRGBASUK04) Mid Brown HuacayaM01/07/2020DRGAlive
NONBAS3363Nero Black Hughie (NBABASUK83) Solid Dark Brown HuacayaM23/06/2020N5436Alive
BNBAS13843Patou Giovanni (PATBASUK148) Solid White HuacayaM20/06/2020F0784Alive
BNBAS14036Foxhole Marble (FXLBASUK01) Bay Black/White HuacayaM08/06/2020FXLAlive
BNBAS13983Dargan Cashew (DRGBASUK03) Beige HuacayaM03/06/2020DRGAlive
UKBAS38036Nero Black Farthing (NBABASUK76) Solid Mid Brown HuacayaF18/05/2020NBAAlive
UKBAS37302Bride Valley Boudicea (BVYBASUK10) Solid Light Fawn HuacayaF27/08/2019BVYAlive
UKBAS37148Dargan Provence (DRGBASUK02) Solid Dark Brown HuacayaF14/08/2019DRGAlive
UKBAS37147Dargan Tuscany (DRGBASUK01) Solid Dark Fawn HuacayaF12/08/2019DRGAlive
UKBAS36695Patou Petronella (PATBASUK143) Solid Mid Fawn HuacayaF02/08/2019FDAAlive
UKBAS36694Patou Klementina (PATBASUK141) Solid White HuacayaF01/08/2019PCUAlive
BNBAS13412Oldstour Nero (OLDBASUK61) Mid Fawn HuacayaM28/07/2019N5501Alive
UKBAS35521Brock-o-Dale Trillian (BCEBASUK010) White/Dark Brown HuacayaF28/07/2019BCEAlive
BNBAS13313Black Forge Misty (BKGBASUK005) Light Brown HuacayaM07/07/2019BKGAlive
UKBAS37158Pharo's Cleopatra (MDLBASUK04) Light Brown HuacayaF03/07/2019MDLAlive
BNBAS13312Black Forge Teddy (BKGBASUK004) Light Brown HuacayaM29/06/2019BKGAlive
BNBAS13069Patou Jasprit (PATBASUK137) Solid Bay Black HuacayaM26/06/2019F0784Alive
UKBAS35189Lane House Roulette (LHSBASUK098) Solid Dark Brown HuacayaF07/09/2018LHSAlive
UKBAS37784Patou Piri Piri (PATBASUK135) Solid Light Brown HuacayaM23/08/2018OVAAlive
UKBAS33890Oldstour Matilda (OLDBASUK52) Mid Fawn HuacayaF18/08/2018AKDAlive
UKBAS33889Oldstour Madrigal (OLDBASUK51) White HuacayaF09/08/2018OLDAlive
UKBAS33891Oldstour Merida (OLDBASUK55) Dark Brown HuacayaF25/07/2018OLDAlive
BNBAS11774Patou Moshi (PATBASUK134) Solid Mid Brown HuacayaC20/07/2018N5506Alive
BNBAS11773Patou Chipotle (PATBASUK133) Solid Dark Fawn HuacayaC08/07/2018BHRAlive
UKBAS33683Patou Peach Naga (PATBASUK131) Solid Light Brown HuacayaF01/07/2018PATAlive
UKBAS33679Patou Cayenne (PATBASUK128) Solid White HuacayaF28/06/2018DRGAlive
UKBAS35063Bride Valley Reuben (BVYBASUK02) Light Fawn HuacayaM19/06/2018BVYAlive

Show results
Year Show Class Posn
2015/03FuturityHuacaya Junior Male (A) - Fawn2nd
2015/05Devon County(599) Huacaya Junior Male - Fa3rd
2015/05North Somerset ShowHuacaya Junior Male - Fawn2nd
2016/06Three Counties Fleece ShowHuacaya Fawn Fleece 12-24 Mont1st
2016/06Three Counties Fleece ShowChampion Fawn Huacaya FleeceC
2017/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Adult Male - Brown1st
2017/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Champion Brown MaleC
2017/05Devon CountyHuacaya Champion Brown MaleC
2017/05Devon County(562) Huacaya Adult Male - Bro1st
2017/07Eastern Region Fleece ShowHuacaya Brown Fleece 24-48 Mon2nd
2017/08North Devon Fleece ShowHuacaya Brown Fleece 24-48 Mon1st
2017/08North Devon Fleece ShowHuacaya Supreme Champion FleecC
2017/10South West Group Fleece ShowHuacaya Brown Fleece 24-48 Mon1st
2017/10South West Group Fleece ShowBest Brown Huacaya FleeceC
2017/10South West Group Fleece ShowJudges Choice HuacayaC
2017/11Midlands Champion -west ShiresHuacaya Adult Male - Brown3rd
2019/03National Halter ShowHu. 3 Prog. by 1 Sire (brown,b2nd
2019/05Devon CountyHuacaya 3 Progeny by One Sire5th