Redens Dynamic - UKBAS36374

Ear Tag : LRMBASUK193
Microchip : 977200009680600
Registration Type : R Registered
Breeder : Mr & Mrs R & L Mackintosh
Owner : Mr & Mrs R & L Mackintosh
Sex : M
Birth No : 1
Date of Birth : 27/07/2019
Status : Alive
Style : Huacaya
Colour : Solid True Black
Sire : UKBAS32839 - Redens Agamemnon (LRMBASUK064)
Dam : UKBAS27629 - Redens Wialki (LRMBASUK051)
Description :
Date Birth Notified :
Date Registered : 05/12/2019

--Parents-- --Grand Parents-- --Great Grand Parents-- --Great Great Grand Parents--
ped1IAR/47124 - Anfield Park Heskey (Aus) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped1IAR/146606 - Rosemont Pompey (Aus) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/98723 - Rosemont Polka (Aus) [Solid Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped1UKBAS25947 - Surtierra Shadow (Imp) (LRMBASUK650) [Solid True Black] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped1IAR/70773 - Surtierra Blak-Azz (Aus) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/134116 - Surtierra Salamanca (Aus) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/83444 - Samaria Valley Soraya (Aus) [Solid Black] Huacaya
Sire : UKBAS32839 - Redens Agamemnon (LRMBASUK064) [Solid True Black] Huacaya
ped3ped1IAR/68684 - Patagonia Celtic Triumph (Aust.) [White] Huacaya
ped3ped1UKBAS10828 - Lavender Park Tulley (Imp) (ASHBASUK168) [Solid Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped2UKBAS10913 - Lavender Park Abbey of ASH(Imp) (ASHBASUK207) [Solid Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped2UKBAS25101 - Redens Vogue (LRMBASUK042) [Solid Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped1UKBAS04308 - ATA Cambridge Centurion (ATABASUK01059) [Black] Huacaya
ped2UKBAS16133 - Inca Enchantment (INCBASUK285) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped2UKBAS06249 - West Park Bettina (WPCBASUK00015) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped1IAR/21888 - Benleigh Ringleader (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped1IAR/38765 - Blue Grass Bollinger (Aust.) [Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/2488 - Purrumbete Vanilla (Aust.) [Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped1UKBAS08468 - Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca (Imp) (INCBASUK150) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped1IAR/22072 - Blue Grass Khan (Aust.) [Solid Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/44694 - Lilyfield Matilda (Aust.) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/38756 - Blue Grass Pretty Phoebe (Aust.) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
Dam : UKBAS27629 - Redens Wialki (LRMBASUK051) [Solid True Black] Huacaya
ped3ped1PER.M - Peruvian Male
ped3ped1IAR/99437 - EP Cambridge Scandulous (Aust.) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped2PER.F - Peruvian Female
ped2UKBAS09685 - EP Cambridge Gucci of ACC (Imp) (ACCBASUK259) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped3ped1IAR/50882 - Jolimont Cassiano (Aust.) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped2IAR/80546 - Canchones Donatella (Aust.) [Solid Black] Huacaya
ped2IAR/19128 - Silverdale Ebony (Aust.) [Solid Black] Huacaya
No Progeny Found.
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Year Show Class Posn
2021/08Eastern Region Fleece ShowHuacaya Black Fleece 12-24 Mon3rd
2021/10Eastern Alpaca Group Halter ShHuacaya Adult Male - Black1st
2021/10Eastern Alpaca Group Halter ShHuacaya Champion Black MaleC
2021/11Midlands Champion - West ShireHuacaya Adult Male - Black1st
2021/11Midlands Champion - West ShireHuacaya Champion Black MaleC
2022/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Adult Male - Black1st
2022/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Champion Black MaleC
2022/04Scottish Alpaca ChampionshipsHuacaya Adult Male - Black1st
2022/04Scottish Alpaca ChampionshipsHuacaya Champion Black MaleC
2022/09Hoe Autumn Fleece ShowHuacaya Black Fleece 24-48 Mon1st