Beck Brow Hey Now - UKBAS32880

Ear Tag : BBWBASUK125
Microchip : 977200008687467
Registration Type : R Registered
Breeder : Mr & Mrs Paul & Barbara Hetherington
Owner : Mr & Mrs Roger & Elaine Clarke
Sex : M
Birth No : 1
Date of Birth : 06/07/2016
Status : Alive
Style : Huacaya
Colour : Solid White
Sire : UKBAS15165 - Beck Brow Explorer (BBWBASUK06)
Dam : UKBAS24179 - Cambridge Summer Solstice (Imp) (EPCBASUK2920)
Description :
Date Birth Notified : 14/11/2016
Date Registered : 10/04/2018

--Parents-- --Grand Parents-- --Great Grand Parents-- --Great Great Grand Parents--
ped1PER.M - Peruvian Male
ped1IAR/63163 - EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2PER.F - Peruvian Female
ped1UKBAS09694 - Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (ACCBASUK355) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped1IAR/8716 - Jolimont Galliano (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/33424 - Cambridge Lilly Pilly II (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/23031 - Jolimont Loretta 1 (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
Sire : UKBAS15165 - Beck Brow Explorer (BBWBASUK06) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped1PER.M - Peruvian Male
ped3ped1UKACCBAS00007 - Accoyo Remarque(Import) (ACCBASUK00007) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped2PER.F - Peruvian Female
ped2UKBAS08415 - Cambridge Camilla (EPCBASUK1602) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped1UKARUBASP0433 - Arunvale Day Dreamer (ARUBASUKP0433) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped2UKBAS02122 - ARU Cambridge Harmony (ARUBASUK1844) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped2UKARUBASP0190 - Dream Myth (Import) (ARUBASUKP0190) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped1IAR/8743 - Jolimont Conquistador (Aust.) (RPB/R0819) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped1IAR/33415 - Jolimont Warrior (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/23048 - Jolimont Marilu (Aust.) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped1IAR/52396 - Windsong Valley Firedragon (NZ) [Solid Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped1IAR/2402 - Purrumbete Highlander (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/29456 - Windsong Valley Starbright (AUS) [Solid Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/23047 - Jolimont Mariella (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
Dam : UKBAS24179 - Cambridge Summer Solstice (Imp) (EPCBASUK2920) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped1IAR/8726 - Jolimont Sculptor (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped1IAR/50912 - Jolimont Gianmarco (Aust.) Huacaya
ped3ped3ped2IAR/23053 - Jolimont Melina (Aust.) Huacaya
ped2IAR/138052 - Cambridge Solemnity (Aus) [Solid Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped1IAR/50886 - Jolimont The Jude (Aust.) Huacaya
ped2IAR/78596 - Cambridge Vienna (Aus) [Solid Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped2IAR/72343 - Cambridge Anna (Aus) [White] Huacaya

Reg No Name Sex Date of Birth Owner Status
EUBAS00659Glaslough Pearl (GLHBASUK20) Beige/Beige HuacayaF05/08/2020GLHAlive
UKBAS37973Eastwell Eliza Dolittle (ESWBASUK02) Mid Fawn HuacayaF28/07/2020ESWAlive
EUBAS00668Gainne Mor Luna (MHBBASEU002) White HuacayaF10/07/2020MHBAlive
BNBAS13829Glaslough Alexandrite (GLHBASUK19) Beige HuacayaM01/07/2020GLHAlive
BNBAS14462Ashford Dastardly (AFRBASUK016) Solid White HuacayaM27/06/2020AFRAlive
BNBAS13697Ashtonelle Fiddlesticks (ATNBASUK21) Solid Mid Fawn HuacayaM25/06/2020ATNAlive
BNBAS13670Amberly Here & Now (ABLBASUK086) Solid White HuacayaM21/06/2020ABLAlive
EUBAS00670Ashford Daydreamer (AFRBASUK017) Solid White HuacayaF15/06/2020AFRAlive
UKBAS36927Amberly Que Sera (ABLBASUK078) Mid Rose Grey HuacayaF28/08/2019N5490Alive
BNBAS13526Briar Ridge Edison (BIEBASUK0011) Solid White HuacayaM16/08/2019BIEAlive
UKBAS35821Amberly Sealed With A Kiss (ABLBASUK068) Solid White HuacayaF02/08/2019MHBAlive
UKBAS37628Briar Ridge Azura (BIEBASUK0008) Light Fawn/White HuacayaF24/07/2019BIEAlive
UKBAS37252Glaslough Take A Bow (GLHBASUK14) Light Fawn HuacayaF03/07/2019GLHAlive
UKBAS36925Amberly Burlesque (ABLBASUK070) Solid Beige HuacayaF18/06/2019ABLAlive

Show results
Year Show Class Posn
2017/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Junior Male - White1st
2017/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Champion White MaleR
2017/04N W A G Alpaca ChampionshipHuacaya Champion White MaleC
2017/04N W A G Alpaca ChampionshipHuacaya Champion WhiteC
2017/04N W A G Alpaca ChampionshipHuacaya Supreme ChampionC
2017/04N W A G Alpaca ChampionshipHuacaya Junior Male - White1st
2017/04Scottish Alpaca ChampionshipHuacaya Junior Male - White3rd
2017/11Midlands Champion -west ShiresHuacaya Intermediate Male - Wh1st
2018/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Intermediate Male - Wh4th
2018/04N W A G Alpaca ChampionshipHuacaya Intermediate Male - Wh1st
2018/04N W A G Alpaca ChampionshipHuacaya Champion White MaleC