Capital Camber - BNBAS15064

Ear Tag : CAPBASUK037
Microchip : 977200009545052
Registration Type : BNBirth Notified
Breeder : Kim & Stuart Murray
Owner : Kim & Stuart Murray
Sex : M
Birth No : 1
Date of Birth : 02/06/2021
Status : Alive
Style : Huacaya
Colour : Solid Mid Fawn
Sire : UKBAS35164 - C-S Alpacas Jack The Lad (CSABASUK078)
Dam : UKBAS20919 - C-S Alpacas Imogen (CSABASUK015)
Description :
Date Birth Notified : 03/12/2021
Date Registered :

--Parents-- --Grand Parents-- --Great Grand Parents-- --Great Great Grand Parents--
ped1UKBAS01893 - Talisman of Bozedown (Import) (BOZBASUK651) [Solid Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped1UKBAS16872 - Bozedown Omen (BOZBASUK1663) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped2UKBOZBAS00175 - Gemma of Bozedown (Import) (BOZBASUK00175) [Solid Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped1UKBAS29420 - Bozedown Neo (BOZBASUK3148) [Solid Light Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped1UKBOZBAS00618 - Galaxy of Bozedown (Import) (BOZBASUK00618) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2UKBAS05485 - Bozedown Chan (BOZBASUK1248) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2UKBOZBAS00611 - Juno of Bozedown (Import) (BOZBASUK00611) [Solid White] Huacaya
Sire : UKBAS35164 - C-S Alpacas Jack The Lad (CSABASUK078) [Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped1UKBAS04434 - Alpaca Stud Warrior (AUKBASUK5012) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped1UKBAS20045 - Alpaca Stud Inca The Pugilist (AUKBASUK9122) [Solid Light Brown] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped2UKBAS02600 - ARU Cambridge Magic Lady (ARUBASUK1829) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped2UKBAS23771 - Alpaca Stud Jewell (AUKBASUKC100) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped1UKACCBAS00007 - Accoyo Remarque(Import) (ACCBASUK00007) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped2UKBAS04440 - Alpaca Stud Remarque's Caprice (AUKBASUK5008) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped2UKBAS02584 - Arunvale Charlotte (ARUBASUKP0638) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped1IAR/60451 - Shanbrooke Accoyo Tulaco (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped1IAR/68684 - Patagonia Celtic Triumph (Aust.) [White] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/35098 - Patagonia Celtic Rose (Aust.) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped1UKBAS10828 - Lavender Park Tulley (Imp) (ASHBASUK168) [Solid Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped1IAR/23921 - Jolimont Oscar 2 (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2UKBAS10913 - Lavender Park Abbey of ASH(Imp) (ASHBASUK207) [Solid Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/39155 - Lavender Park Caddie (Aust.) [Solid Dark Fawn] Huacaya
Dam : UKBAS20919 - C-S Alpacas Imogen (CSABASUK015) [Solid Dark Brown] Huacaya
ped3ped1PER.M - Peruvian Male
ped3ped1UKBCL15316 - Boz of Bozdown Morden Hall (Import) [Solid Dark Brown] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped2PER.F - Peruvian Female
ped2UKBAS10591 - Livanti Iona Catherine (LIVBASUK00066) [Solid Dark Brown] Huacaya
ped3ped1CHIL.M - Chilean Male
ped2UKLIVBAS00018 - Titania (Import) (LIVBASUK00018) [Light Brown] Huacaya
ped2CHIL.F - Chilean Female
No Progeny Found.
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Year Show Class Posn
2022/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Junior Male - Fawn2nd
2022/09Hoe Autumn Fleece ShowHuacaya Fawn Fleece 6-12 Month1st
2022/09Hoe Autumn Fleece ShowChampion Fawn Huacaya FleeceC
2022/09Hoe Autumn Fleece ShowChampion Huacaya FleeceR
2022/11Northern Fleece ShowHuacaya Fawn Fleece 6-12 Month2nd