Shugborough Benbow - 911

Tag No : 2.77.80
Tattoo : 2.77.80
Registration Type : R Registration
Breeder : ERROR
Owner : Unknown
Sex : M
Birth No : 1
Birth Weight : 0.00
Date of Birth : 25/12/1977
Status : Dead
Date Died :
Sire : 749 - Birbury Boy (K.9874/8)
Dam : 14PL - Grendon Babs ()
Description :
Date Birth Notified :
Date Registered :
DNA tested

--Parents-- --Grand Parents-- --Great Grand Parents-- --Great Great Grand Parents--
ped1347 - Fradley King
ped1509 - Fradley Sam
ped3ped2275 - Armitage Beauty Iii
ped1654 - Fradley Lad Ii
ped3ped3ped1237 - Hill King
ped3ped2275 - Armitage Beauty Iii
ped3ped2234B - Armitage Patricia Vi
Sire : 749 - Birbury Boy (K.9874/8)
ped3ped1299 - Hill Oak
ped3ped1397 - Hill Texmas (1/68)
ped3ped3ped2244 - Hill Lady
ped2538 - Hill Julie
ped3ped1299 - Hill Oak
ped2383 - Hill Sylvia
ped2279 - Hill Nancy
ped1214 - Watling James
ped1257 - Watling Knight
ped3ped2201 - Watling Ivy
ped1457 - Grendon Head
ped3ped3ped1257 - Watling Knight
ped3ped2309 - Grendon Longdon Ii
ped3ped2203 - Longdon Jane
Dam : 14PL - Grendon Babs
ped3ped1 -
ped3ped11 - Unknown Male
ped3ped3ped2 -
ped24PL - Watling Ula
ped3ped1 -
ped22 - Longhorn Cow
ped2 -

Reg No Name Sex Date of Birth Owner Status
19611/J0653Glaisdale Jonquil (UK123278/100023)F21/12/200900653Dead
19610/J0653Glaisdale Jasmine (UK123278/700022)F03/12/200900653Dead
XB67312Glaisdale Instanbull (UK123278/500020)C01/03/200800653Dead
XB67311Glaisdale Ivan The Terribull (UK123278/400019)C29/02/200800653Dead
17059/I0653Glaisdale Ivy (UK123278/300018)F22/02/200800653Dead
15304/H0653Glaisdale Holly (UK123278/100016)F09/01/200700653Dead
8660Highlands Brooke (UK.KH711/ 00027)F25/11/1998P2009Dead
7206Black Barn FlorenceF03/08/199600431Dead
7189Highlands Thyme (UK.RH711/00007)F25/06/199600491Dead
7753Julaw Juniper (UK.F04753/00408)M12/04/199600273Dead
6589Undercliff Princess (UK.IW0007/00005)F01/08/199500344Dead
6161Black Barn EthelF20/07/199500431Dead
6192Highlands Sorrel (UK.KH711/00002)F05/05/1995EPPFODead
5804Julaw Holly (F4753/652)F21/12/199400273Dead
5610Sandridge PerfectaF03/08/199400563Dead
5609Sandridge PrincessF25/06/199400563Dead
5054Eltra MaryF19/09/199300534Dead
4808Colton's CatherineF20/06/199300457Dead
5411Highlands NelsonM08/05/199300491Dead
6547Parva Candy FlossF12/04/199200119Dead
3968Undercliff JasmineF23/12/199100344Dead
3910Julaw ElderflowerF26/09/199100273Dead
SR.A.38Charlecote CrystalF11/09/199100341Dead
3904Farleigh LucyF14/08/199100366Dead
3037Undercliff BarbaraF05/10/1989ZZZZZDead
3091Gypsey EilinelF04/10/1989ZZZZZDead
2335Boldvale ErmineF21/06/1987ZZZZZDead
1926Boldvale ChampleinF25/05/1985ZZZZZDead
1925Boldvale CapelleF15/05/198500182Dead
1181Tottiskay FantasyF05/06/198000058Dead
1099Yew Tree HollyFZZZZZDead
1358Gaer Fawr GillianF00387Dead
1398School Green GeorginaFZZZZZDead
1404Trendrine FloraFZZZZZDead
1630Tottiskay IsobelFZZZZZDead
SR.C.55Lowther Partridge IiFZZZZZDead

Show results
Year Show Class Posn
2012/00Frome ShowCalf2nd
2017/00Royal WelshSenior Heifer4th
2017/00Brecon County ShowSenior Heifer1st
2017/00Brecon County ShowSenior Heifer2nd
2017/00Brecon County ShowReserve Breed ChampionC