Kelmar Spot Magic of Putjade (Imp) - UKBAS39316

Ear Tag : PJABASUK1000
Microchip : 900141000110518A
Registration Type : IRImported (Register
Breeder : Sue Loach
Owner : Sue Loach
Sex : M
Birth No : 1
Date of Birth : 20/11/2016
Status : Alive
Style : Huacaya
Colour : Appaloosa
Sire : IAR/1000006 - Stoneleigh Spot Tacular (NZ) ()
Dam : IAR/193365 - Ambersun Sesame Seeds (NZ) ()
Description : Also IAR/1013449
Date Birth Notified :
Date Registered : 11/01/2022
DNA tested

--Parents-- --Grand Parents-- --Great Grand Parents-- --Great Great Grand Parents--
ped1PER.M - Peruvian Male
ped1IAR/60298 - Somerset Accoyo Challenger (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2PER.F - Peruvian Female
ped1IAR/1000034 - Silver Stone Ice Master (ET)(NZ) [White] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped1IAR/29429 - Windsong Valley Iceman (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/73693 - Banksia Park Ice Mist (ET)(NZ) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/25119 - Banksia Park Peruvian Mistique (Aus) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
Sire : IAR/1000006 - Stoneleigh Spot Tacular (NZ) [Light Faw / Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped1CHIL.M - Chilean Male
ped3ped1IAR/3571 - Agresearch South F7 (Aust.) [Black] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped2CHIL.F - Chilean Female
ped2IAR/28442 - Tara Tar (NZ) [Mid Brown / White] Huacaya
ped3ped1 -
ped2IAR/15745 - Agresearch South Q573 (NZ) [Light Brown] Huacaya
ped2 -
ped1IAR/8743 - Jolimont Conquistador (Aust.) (RPB/R0819) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped1IAR/33415 - Jolimont Warrior (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped2IAR/23048 - Jolimont Marilu (Aust.) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
ped1IAR/108126 - Ambersun Jag (AUS) [Rose Grey] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped1 -
ped3ped2IAR/19364 - Ambersun Cheetah (AUS) [Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped3ped2 -
Dam : IAR/193365 - Ambersun Sesame Seeds (NZ) [Multi White Fawn Brown] Huacaya
ped3ped1PER.M - Peruvian Male
ped3ped1IAR/60321 - Fine Choice Peruvian Ultimo (Aust.) [Solid White] Huacaya
ped3ped3ped2PER.F - Peruvian Female
ped2IAR/87368 - Ninbella Hannah (NZ) [White] Huacaya
ped3ped1 -
ped2IAR/56406 - Ninbella Hayley (AUS) [Solid Dark Fawn] Huacaya
ped2 -
No Progeny Found.